22 Mountains
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The title track of the new CD, 22 Mountains, uses the story of Nikki Tesfai as a metaphor for the undying courage and perseverance needed to surmount personal and societal challenges. Due to accepted practices in her native African village, and her family's desperate need for food, Dr. Tesfai was arranged into marriage without her consent at the age of 14. After being abused by her new husband, she ran away, without shoes or even supplies. She scaled twenty-two mountains before reaching a refugee camp, where she was again abused. Once more, she escaped and eventually made her way to the United States where she arrived alone with no resources. The story further unfolds into a series of one "mountain" after another, wherein this woman not only survives, but finds a way to turn all the pain of her journey into a means of helping others. Today, Nikki Tesfai's African Community Resource Center has helped over 52,000 refugees from over 52 countries.

The second half of the song based on Ms. Tesfai's story celebrates a local San Diego artist and personal friend of Danielle's, whose journey may on the surface seem less grand, but at closer look is equally as heroic and inspiring.

In a beautiful affirmation of Say It Records' mission to combat apathy by cultivating awareness of the remarkable art and heroism in our own communities, Danielle discovered that Nikki Tesfai's organization was only a few miles away from where she stays when in Los Angeles.

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