"She can make a whisper... scream."
- Brent Harvey / Producer, Los Angeles Music Awards

MAYBE I WAS WRONG - Official Music Video

Four years in the making, Danielle LoPresti and The Masses first started shooting this video in 2010, at the peak of the great housing recession and unemployment crisis. The video tells the tale of three Americans - the white collar businesswoman, the immigrant worker, and the artist - all whose lives are intrinsically connected by the same universal struggle. Little did Danielle know that an even greater struggle was on the horizon that would threaten her life. Three years from the first day of shooting and after a terrifying late-stage cancer battle, Danielle returned to the stage for the first time to shoot the final scene of this triumphant video.

This video was shot in two parts. The first part shot in 2010 was directed by Craig Wilson of Mental Eclectic. The second part, shot in 2013 at San Diego IndieFest, was directed by Asher Brown of Pollution Studios. Editing and Post by Longlost Pictures and Pollution Studios

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